Citrine S A L is a leading technology-focused investment group that enables Israeli entrepreneurs to materialize global breakthrough technology companies.

Citrine technology funds include the management of Limited Partnerships by Citrine S A L  High-Tech and Citrine S A L Biotech that operate as Managing Partners.

The partnerships are registered as Limited Partnerships with the Registrar of Partnerships in Israel and include a variety of options for investment periods, fields of expertise, risk levels, profitability levels and protections that allow the investor to diversify his investment and minimize risk.


Citrine Global Corp: US-Based Public Company:

Citrine Global Corp. is a US, publicly traded company offering multi-strategy solutions for growth-stage technology companies, combining:

  • strategic marketing,

  • business development,

  • real estate and asset management services

  • and financing solutions.

Our focus areas: 

  • medical devices

  • digital health

  • cannabis technologies

  • wellness solutions

  • personalized medicine

  • block chain solutions 

  • biotechnology

  • diagnosis/prevention

  • clean-tech

  • green energy

  • cyber technology

  • Media

  • Internet of Things

Citrine is part of:

WealthStone Group, that specializes in Alternative Investment in various fields , Hedge Funds , Real-estate and Technology

​• Neto Finance , one of the largest insurance & finance adviser firms in Israel managing 7B NIS for private client & investors.


In the past 5 years, the group has raised over $300M from Israeli private investors setting up ~70 partnerships in various fields.

The group targets to manage in the next 7 years  $1B Dollar for private & international investors.

3 Hamelacha St.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel: 972-77-8066022

Fax: 972-77-8066023


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