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Citrine picks its portfolio companies by the criteria of having leading technologies and high growth potential.
The review process includes a thorough understanding of macro and micro market and company data, growth potential, competition and capital structure. The process involves in-depth conversations with company's leading team and shareholders.


Selected companies have proven technology , patents  , products ready-to-market and start global sales. 


Citrine accompanies portfolio companies with an experienced team that includes professionals in the areas of business development, marketing and finance.

Citrine support includes:

  • ​​Building strategy and milestones to reach specific goals on the way to success

  • Assisting in ongoing management of the company through experts in business development, finance, marketing, sales, operations and any other needed field

  • Creating synergistic partnerships with strategic players in the market , Representing company in BOD , Monitoring company's performance and meeting milestones

  • Implementing strategy and enhancing company market value

  • Raising additional capital via grants,  public and private offerings and more.

Business Meeting
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