Citrine S A L Investments in Technology from WealthStone Group has built a unique and dedicated platform focusing on High-tech, Biotech, Medical, Food Tech and Medical Cannabis companies.

Alongside the financial investment, Citrine provides companies with business support through its experienced and professional team, which assists the company in building strategy, finding business partners, submitting plans for government grants, escorting financial processes, mergers and acquisitions, and more.


Citrine S A L  Biotech  Partnerships:
Investments in companies focused on Medical Equipment, Healthcare, Wellness, Diagnostics, Quality of Life, and more.

Citrine S A L  Biotech - Food Tech &
Medical Cannabis:

investments in companies focused on Food Tech, Medical Cannabis, and more.


Citrine S A L  Hi-Tech Partnerships:

Investments in companies focused on Cyber, Auto-Tech, Green Energy, IoT, and more.


Citrine works closely with companies, foundations, investment houses, innovation centers, universities, academic research institutes, and technology companies and a wide network of partner consultants from Israel and around the world.

Amot Atrium Tower
2 Zeev Jabutinsky Rd. 

Ramat Gan - Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel: 972-77-8066022

Fax: 972-77-8066023


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