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  • Field: Health, Wellness, Beauty

  • TechCare patented technology was developed by Weizmann Institute scientists and includes a unique  platform using evaporation of natural plant substances for health and beauty treatments

  • TechCare addresses markets of over $100B potential

  • The company launched Novokid lice treatment product approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the European Union, and is in final approval stages of US FDA. The global market for lice eradication products is estimated at $ 2 billion.

  • The company is traded on the US stock exchange. We are in a strategic process in the US capital market.

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  • Field: Health, Wellness

  • WellBe Artificial Intelligence algorithms agnostic to hardware calculate HRV based on raw heart rate data received from any hardware and provides tools to understand the context of, prevent, relieve and manage stress/calmness and collect Big Data
  • WellBe is the 21st century solution for Wellbeing and stress management: Simple, Affordable and Mindful

  • WellBe software algorithms and apps can be integrated with third party wrist bands and smart watches

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• Field: Health, clinical research, diagnostics, medical treatments (cancer, congenital malformations, etc.)

• BioCep developed a unique technology for segregation of blood cells. This patent-protected technology is twice as efficient as the market's leading competitors in terms of the percentage and vitality of the cells separated and the cleanliness of results. The solution includes a cell separation device as well as consumables and software protocols

• Target markets estimated in dozens of billions of $ and include:  Clinical research, Diagnosis of congenital malformations in fetuses, and Research and treatment of cancer


  • Field: Health, Medical Equipment, Implants

  • NiCast has developed an advanced technology of electronic spinning that combines nanofiber and simulates natural healing and tissue regeneration processes in the body

  • Nicast manufactures medical devices and implants that allow quick and smooth recovery of wounds, uncomplicated absorption of subcutaneous devices in blood vessels that allow the flow of drugs and substances Anesthesia, and more

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