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Citrine investment funds offer a unique platform presenting various models of limited partnerships & flexible investment periods to help investors meet their investment needs and minimize risk.

Citrine Bio Tech

specializes in medical devices, digital health, wellness solutions and personalized medicine.

Citrine Cannabis 

specializes in unique solutions in the global, meteorically growing cannabis market.

Citrine Hi Tech

specializes in innovative clean-tech/green energy solutions, cyber technology, media, IoT, HW & SW.

Citrine Global

specializes in large scale investments in high-growth potential companies.

  • Improdia’s novel technology focuses on diagnosis and personalized medicine solutions incorporating medical cannabis in treatment of cancer and other serious diseases. Combining medical cannabis usually improves the patients' feeling, but may mask a decrease in response to treatment and deterioration of medical condition.

  • Improdia developed a simple blood test kit used to assess the immune status of patients by monitoring new biomarkers that the company has discovered and characterized. This allows the physician to know whether the patient's condition is improving or deteriorating and, accordingly, decide whether to continue, discontinue or change the medical cannabis component of the treatment.

  • Improdia’s technology is based on a ground-breaking research performed under the supervision of Prof. Michal Baniyash, from the Immunology department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

  • Improdia targets a global market of hundreds of millions of dollars for pharmacological treatment of cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. 

  • Intelicanna is a publicly traded, international medical cannabis company based in Israel.
    ​From plant genetics and agro technologies to downstream processing and product development, Intelicanna leverages the wide spectrum of proven Israeli know-how to revolutionize the process of medical cannabis cultivation and processing, creating a global portfolio of high quality products, such as skin relief cream and edibles. 
     In Israel, Intelicanna cultivates consistent, high quality medical cannabis for the local market in a state of the art farm facility that incorporates various agro and automation technologies that enhance the quality of our cannabis.  
    ​Internationally, Intelicanna promotes various projects involving medical cannabis farms and products.
    Recently Aviv Geffen, a leading figure in Israeli music for almost three decades, has joined Intelicanna as a marketing, image and branding consultant.

  • IBOT Israel Botanicals, owned by Citrine and iCAN, is a company that develops products for the manufacture and marketing of food supplements and cosmetics. The company currently manufactures probiotics, minerals and plants for the treatment of iron deficiency, bone health, fertility and more and plans to integrate a variety of cannabis and hemp-based products.

  • IBOT has an existing SL lab and licensed manufacturing facility for white label botanical formulations owned by Amir Tivon, a renowned botanical expert with trade secrets gained through decades of experience in the field. The cannabis-based and hemp-based products target the local market as well as the global. 

  • Cannbit Ltd. Grows and markets high quality medical cannabis using advanced technology to reach high levels of product quality that can effectively alter a wide spectrum of medical conditions. 

  • In September 2019 Cannbit won the race for Tikun Olam's Israeli Business, an acquisition that is projected to give Cannbit control of the entire medical cannabis supply chain, with Israeli assets including 3,000 square meters farm on land spanning 30,000 square meters; a manufacturing facility currently under construction; nurse let clinic and customer base of over 1,500 current and past customers who use CBD oil. Tikun Olam’s business outside of Israel includes its growing, manufacturing, and distribution operations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Greece, as well as partnership agreements with non-Israeli entities. 

  • Nicast has developed advanced technology, based on electronic spinning that combines nanofiber and simulates natural tissue healing processes in the body, for the manufacture of medical devices and implants. 
    Nicast solutions allow quick and smooth recovery of wounds, absorption of subcutaneous devices in blood vessels enabling delivery of drugs and anesthetics, and more. 
    The company has proven solutions in the treatment of burns, including clinical trials and treatments in hospitals in Israel and around the world.

  • Capsules with medical cannabis:
    Nicast targets to combine in its products various cannabinoids, which have been proven to be particularly effective in the rapid and smooth healing of wounds and burns.


  • Nanomedic presents a new era of wound treatment through advanced technology of "electronic spinning" involving nanofiber, and simulates natural healing and tissue healing processes in the body, for rapid and smooth recovery of wounds, innovative applications for injecting drugs and anesthetics, and more. 

  • The company's products are designed for medical institutions, pharma companies, medical equipment companies and more.

  • After examining technological feasibility with leading research laboratories in Israel and abroad, the company plans to incorporate cannabinoids in its technology that will be used to cure skin diseases, analgesia and more. 

  • WellBe has developed a software solution for measuring and managing levels of calmness and stress, including patent protected algorithms and smartphone application interface. Chronic stress has been shown to be the leading cause of more than 60% of diseases, including cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's and more and is placing a heavy annual economic burden of more than $ 300 billion on health and insurance systems in the US alone.

  • WellBe software runs on industry leading smart watches and fitness bracelets, such as Samsung, Apple, Fitbit, Garmin and more. The software receives an input of biosensors that measure heart rate and with the help of sophisticated algorithms provides HRV calculations, giving users immediate feedback about the level of their calmness and stress at any given moment.

  • BioCep developed a unique technology for segregation of blood cells. This patent-protected technology is twice as efficient as the market's leading competitors in terms of the percentage and vitality of the cells separated and the cleanliness of results.

  • The solution includes a cell separation device as well as consumables and software protocols.

  • Target markets estimated in dozens of billions of $ and include:  Clinical research, Diagnosis of congenital malformations in fetuses, and Research and treatment of cancer

  • Tech Care patented technology includes a unique  platform using evaporation of natural plant substances for health and beauty treatments with Smart Capsule & innovative vaporization process fit for multiple applications.

  • Tech Care Unique Delivery Platform - An innovative delivery platform utilizing the vaporization of various natural, plant-based compounds, to enable a wide variety of treatment solutions,

  • The company launched Novokid lice treatment product approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the European Union, and is in final approval stages of US FDA. 

  • DarioHealth is a leading global digital health company serving its users with dynamic mobile health solutions. 

  • DarioHealth employs a revolutionary approach whereby harnessing big data, we have developed unique ways for people to analyze and personalize their chronic disease management. 

  • DarioHealth deploys wearables that provide continuous data and personalized treatment, using adapted data & AI/ML technology  and spans the full spectrum of disease monitoring, management, populations, and engagement.

  • BSP Medical is a ground-breaking biomedical technology company, revolutionizing non-invasive diagnosis of cardiac diseases. ​

  • The company was founded by seasoned researchers in the field of high frequency ECG analysis devoted to the HyperQ technology and promoting its clinical implementation in an effort to provide superior patient care  with superior clinical accuracy to any other non-invasive solution currently available.

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