Empowering High-Growth Technology Industries

Citrine Global, Corp. (OTCQB: CTGL) (“Citrine Global”) develops strategic solutions for technology industries with global growth potential in the high-tech and biotech fields, which include supportive environments that combine, among other things, entrepreneurship and the establishment of innovation centers for production, operations, R&D, marketing, export, assistance in building strategy for realizing the potential, and more.

The strategy of Citrine Global's innovation centers focuses on a unique platform that includes production facilities; laboratories for quality assurance, research, development, and clinical trials; a logistics, distribution, import and export center; business development strategy services.
Each innovation center is planned to focus on a technological field to create a supportive ecosystem and collaborations between companies, entrepreneurs, universities and partners from around the world.


Discussing the Numbers

As an international company, Citrine Global aims to operate worldwide through subsidiaries and local professional teams in each territory.

Citrine Global operates in Israel through its wholly owned subsidiary, CTGL - Citrine Global Israel Ltd. ("Citrine Global Israel"), which focuses on Israeli technologies in the fields of healthcare, wellness, foodtech and medical cannabis.

Citrine Global recognized the need for innovation centers in the medical cannabis and the food tech industries and decided to establish the first center in Israel in the field of cannabis through Cannovation Center Israel Ltd.

Citrine Global sees Cannovation Center Israel as a national project, which combines support and grants from the Israeli government and includes partners and companies from Israel and around the world.

Citrine's activities in Israel are part of Citrine Global's vision for the empowerment of technology and health industries, which contribute to improving the quality of life of millions of people worldwide.