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Citrine S A L 
Partnering for Success


Citrine investment group  enables Israeli startups and technology companies to achieve global success

Fibre Optics


Citrine focuses on high-profile hitech, biotech and cannabis technology companies that have a good potential for international market breakthrough and growth.

Citrine provides a full array of financial and business services, including M&As as well as Public & Private Placements, helping companies to realize their true market potential.

Citrine Investment Funds are here to pave the way for strategic  investors who are looking for the next technology that will make a difference.

Citrine built a dedicated platform for investors offering various models of limited partnerships, flexible investment periods & amounts and minimum risk 

Watercolor Painting



A key driver of Citrine competitive advantage is its the cooperation with partners in Europe , China , USA and Israel Citrine team source the most innovative technologies, pick them carefully and help them locate the right partners internationally to support their growth through to exit.   

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